Hostile Takeover

Denizens of Ios kneel to your King! Kapitan Khador demands your respect. In the coming days you will all swear fealty to me or die by the sword. The lands that you now possess are rightfully ours, taken from us by your grandfathers. Have you forgotten so quickly who it was who protected you from the Titans? Have you forgotten still who protects the borders now? You will pay for your ignorance and arrogance. You will learn who it is who possess true strength. So kneel I say! Bow before your master!

Hey everyone, after using blogspot for a while I have found a better blogging service (IMHO). I will be migrating my old blog entries here once I figure out how to. Until the. Welcome to my new site. I don’t plan on writing anything revolutionary. I plan on writing about my experiences with warming/hordes, a weak or grande as they are. I hope you all enjoy your time here and find something worthwhile.



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One Response to “Hostile Takeover”

  1. Clayton Says:

    Migrating is actually REALLY easy to do with WordPress. Let me get the instructions for ya sir.

    Basically all you need to do is go to your Dashboard and down to Tools.
    Open up the IMPORT section, and click on the blog type you wanna import (Blogger)

    You will need to enter your blogger info (User name and Password) and then find the blog you wanna import and hit the button.

    Thats it. Just let it run. Keeps everything even the Comments 😀

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