Slow and steady wins the race.

Game night went well, the roster was

  1. Me – Khador
  2. MenothJohn – Protectorate of Menoth
  3. Mike – Cryx
  4. McCryx – Cryx

I am excited to say that I won. I don’t win very often so it is nice to add another tick to the win column. However, it was really a fluke that i won. So for a quick run down on the game. Turn 1 Mike moves out of his corner, Geoff moves out of his corner, MJ goes for Mike, I move my speed 4 out of my corner. Turn 2 Mike responds to MJ and charges also protects himself from anything from McCryx, McCryx goes for mike getting ready to clean up the mess left from Mike and MJ, MJ continues fighting with Mike, I start running trying to keep up with everyone so i don’t miss the game. Turn 3 Mike continues his fight with MJ also notices McCryx’s caster out in the open so he kills McCryx. McCryx upset he left his caster out packs up his things, MJ continues his fight with Mike, I run up field to clean up mikes caster kill. Turn 4 Mike continues to fight MJ also reels in my caster with I think it was the reaper, The butcher was sitting on 6 focus making him armor 24, he didn’t take any damage. Turn 5 Mike finishes off MJ, I finish off the reaper and prepare for the end of the game. Turn 6,7,8, MJ cleans up his beautiful models, I having taken chase Mike down and use my feat to charge and one shot his caster with Butcher.

Minus missing half the game because I am so slow I had a great time. I really like what Butcher can do to Beast 09 and the Kodiak, two already amazing Jacks. For my next game I am keeping the same list basically. I will have the following for my 35pt list.

  • The Butcher
  • Beast ’09
  • Kodiak
  • War Dog
  • MoW Demo Corp x5
  • MoW Shocktroopers x5
  • Mow Kovnik

Also following along with Clayton at IK Adventures if anyone would like to get a game in on Vassal let me know. I think it looks cool and I would like to get into that scene.

Until next week.


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