The Butcher

I completed my weekly painting goal. This week was The Butcher. There are still some more highlighting and shading things i would like to do, but i am waiting for my P3 painting DVD to come so I can learn how to do that kind of stuff.

Now for a question. How do you guys stay motivated to play? I have been playing for quite some time and have switched factions that I play quite a bit so I know that I have lengthened my learning curve by a lot. However I am starting to get pretty discouraged. Tonight, i got on Vassal, and a guy invited me to play a game with him. He was new to Warmachine, he said he had started playing around Christmas. Well I got my butt kicked bad, either game I didnt kill a single model and he wiped me out.

I don’t really know what to do anymore. I am just tired of losing. So anyone that feels they have a really good grasp on the game and is really good at teaching and has some free time, I would love to play against you. Help me figure out how to win. If you would like to play a vassal game with me my email is I am available most nights and MWF mornings until 12:00 PM.

Until next time.


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4 Responses to “The Butcher”

  1. gdaybloke Says:

    Learning a new faction is always going to result in losses in your first few games, unless someone is taking it easy on you. Soemtimes the best thing you can do is stick to the same list for three-four games in a row; if you’re not seeing potential for a win there, change up one, maybe two models/units – but changing everything or moving to a different faction means wiping the slate clean of any familiarity you’d developed.

    Even sticking with the same list, it can be many games before you score a legitimate win, considering you can also fall victim to poor matchups. Your opponent’s list just may be a really difficult hurdle for your list to overcome (such as a pure shooty Cygnar list looking at a jack-heavy Menoth list with Choir).

    You can ‘netdeck’ to some extent, picking up a more competitive list from the forums if you like, and then seeing if you can figure it out.

    I’ll be happy to chat with you via email and squeeze in a vassal game if we can.

    Butcher looks pretty awesome, btw

  2. Lofty Says:

    Iv yet tow play a single ane of Warmachine, but I’m still painting at a rate of knots. Some days I really can’t be bothered to paint though. Vassal keeps me going too, I’ll try set us up a game I’d you fancy it next week?

  3. Lofty Says:

    Forgot to add – p3 DVD helped me loads, it’s really good 🙂
    nice work on the butcher too bud

  4. Dustin Allen Says:

    Thanks for the comments, I have since read pg. 5 in the rule book and feel thoroughly rebuked, but also have been rejuvenated and am ready to try some new tactics.

    @Lofty I can’t wait for the DVD, we should get a game in on vassal. I could play monday wednesday or friday night. Let me know if any of those nights work for you.

    @Gday, thanks for the compliments on my precious, I mean The Butcher. I love checking out your blog to see what you have painted, lots of good ideas.

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