Things are looking up.

I know last week I had a pretty depressing post. At least for me it was. After, I went and read some of the new mark II rule book, page 5 proceeded to put me in my place. This really isn’t a game to play if your going to whine about how you want to win or your models suck, or what ever. So I started to think about my games lately and decided the biggest reason I haven’t been winning as much as I would like (every game), was because I don’t know my opponent. Not the actual person but the faction that I am playing against. Therefore when I am moving my very slow models forward I am just hoping that i can get the charge first and there for smash face and win. Well that can’t really happen with Khador. I am always going to be out numbered, and out matched in speed. SO I decided that I needed smarts. If I know what my opponents and what they can do then I can prioritize my targets and have a much better chance at winning the match.

To start this out I asked one of the local players after our league game, McCryx who happens to play Cryx :), if he would help me out and describe what his models did and help me prioritize targets. He was very gracious and said sure. He also ahs been playing war games for basically ever and gave me some help with tactics as well. The game was great. I can’t believe how much I didn’t know about Cryx and facing arc nodes.  I going to continue these kinds of games when things are slow or after the regular games.

My league game went well, I managed to pull off a caster kill against Trollblood Scrum. He had attempted to rush Mulg 13 inches and kill Butcher but it turns out Butcher was 2 inches too far away. When he did that it left Doomshaper wide open so I threw Fury on my shocktroopers, feated and charged. 3 hits and 1 push later Doomshaper was dead. That puts my League record at 2 wins and 1 loss. Not too shabby I think. It’s definately good for my feel goods.

This week for my painting I decided to paint The Kodiak instead of Beast 09. So far all I have done is prime him but I should be able to make some good progress tomorrow night. I will post some pictures when I finish him up. I am really excited to paint some of those browns and greens. I think he is one of my favorite jacks too. He almost has a hordesish feel too him. His stats really remind me of the Dire Troll Mauler.

Anyway until next time. Play like you’ve got a pair.


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