Tips for the budding Khadoran

It seems that Khador is a very popular choice for the simple rules of the jacks and some casters plus they just look super tough unlike those wimpy other factions, but after going to the game store and playing a few games where the opponent brings twice as many jacks including arc nodes, and models, and spells, the khadoran player gets overwhelmed and has a hard time picking and prioritizing targets. Then the game starts and they get their butts handed to them. They think, “What the heck why can’t my faction do any of that cool stuff that just happened to me.” Then they come on the forums and ask why we don’t have this or that. Then we tell them to “shut up and play like they have a pair” (which is the correct response for a fellow khadoran). However I have a few tips.
#1 Just stick with it.
It takes time to figure things out. Khador is a very deceptive faction in real life. There aren’t very many ideas to grasp. Move forward and beat their face in, well good luck getting there. Because we don’t have the arc nodes ,or the speed, or the amazing spell list, or the huge gun line, we have to find other ways of making it to the the fight. We have to take tactics to a whole new level and play several steps ahead of our opponent. Make him move where you want him to go.

#2 Use terrain.
Before the game begins pick terrain you can use to your advantage either to block line of sight or slow down your enemy, or to create points you can use while traveling up field to gain cover from. Don’t be afraid to spend a turn or two running through a forest at half movement. If you are playing against an infantry horde you can even place terrain to funnel them down to a more manageable size just like the Spartans did when they fought the Xerxes horde army in the movie 300. I think terrain is a highly unused portion of the game. It gets sacrificed because we want to play so bad we just willy nilly through a few pieces out. Taking an extra 5 minutes to strategically place terrain can mean the difference between winning or losing.

#3 Study the models you are playing
More than half the times I have lost was because I didn’t know my army well enough and I missed an important move or misjudged something I thought I could do but couldn’t or vice versa. One good way to do this is to pick a series of models and play lots and lots and lots of games with them (like 25 – 50 games). You will soon have their cards memorized and can play a lot faster and will be able to focus on what is happening during the game instead of trying to figure out what models can do. After so many games you will be able to tell if it is the model that is not working for you, or if you just don’t know how to play them.

#4 Think outside the box
Lastly don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Try new combinations. What works at Sci-Fi Genre in Durham, NC, won’t necessarily be the same thing that works at Phoenix Games in Logan, Ut. Like wise what someone says works amazing for them on the forums may not work well against your local meta. Also there is a high chance that we have undiscovered tactical combinations that no one has thought of yet. Find ways to manipulate the rules. Like staggering officers and leaders to maximize control areas so you can cast spells to units from long distances (kind of like an arc node). Take winning tactics from other factions and figure out how you can do it. Then not only can you do what they can do but you are genetically superior so you will be better at it.

Never forget, whatever faction you choose to play, you can win with that faction. It just takes patience and practice. Soon you will discover for yourself that we really are better than everyone else. FOR THE MOTHERLAND!


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6 Responses to “Tips for the budding Khadoran”

  1. Clayton Says:

    Very nice writeup. I saw it on the forums as well 🙂 (Stomphoof on there)

  2. Dustin Allen Says:

    What’s up Clayton. I noticed you were on the forums. Welcome to the motherland.

    • Clayton Says:

      Darn Tootin! I got my force planned out and hopefully tomorrow night I am gonna go get pButcher to start bringin the PAIN.

      • Dustin Allen Says:

        Lol, I love the Butcher. He is my current go to caster. I am still working on playing tons of games with him, which is hard because I love so many of the casters Khador offers. I played his Tier list at tier 4 and loved it. One of the only games i played where I was fighting on my opponents half of the board lol.

  3. Zee Says:

    Nice writeup, but I think it’s worth saying that Khador’s purported slowness has been a bit overstated. We have more in-faction movement buffs available to us than does a faction like Cygnar or Protectorate. Of course this depends on the ‘caster you take, but we can potentially charge down the field at quite alarming speeds.
    Great solos like the Drakhun, the Doom Reavers, Iron Fang Pikemen with their mini-feat, and several of our ‘casters’ spells and feats, all extend threat ranges to the point where we start to out-threat other armies.
    It’s true, however, that we tend to have to take the battle to the enemy, and rarely will a hit and run strategy work.

  4. Zee Says:

    I think I meant Fenris, and not the Drakhun :c), but I believe both Dragoons are considered good and are often fielded.

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