Learning to airbrush.

A few months ago I picked up a cheap airbrush on ebay. I tried using it one time with near zero effectiveness packed it back in the box and let it sit. Since then I have moved across the country and set new goals to get my models painted. Last week I was working on a unit of MoW Shocktroopers. The majority of their color is red. I have spent forever trying to paint them. Probably 10-15 hours just on getting a nice smooth red. After reading Airbrush Week on The Painting Corps blog I got mine out and tested some red on a couple jacks. It’s hard to tell from the picture because these were just real quick photos, but the paint I used was Khador Red Base. I worked on both these models last night and with setup and cleanup I spent probably an hour. Mostly I just wanted to show how smooth and even a paint job you can get with an airbrush, even if you brand new at it. You can see more pictures here.


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