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The Kodiak

January 31, 2010

I finished my Kodiak today. It was a little past my week deadline but I only worked on it for two days about 4 hours each time. I really tried to take my time and with a lot of coats of watered down paint to make the paint look really smooth. So here you go. Let me know what you think.

Latest league game.

Wow, what a fun time. This week was a team game. I played with Jeff of the Legion. I my opinion it was the perfect match up. He had a lot of speed and ranged attacks. I had a little less speed but amazing melee power. The first couple of turns he hid behind my meat shield and would move out of cover, shoot, and move back into cover. Then we split up and (oh yeah we were facing Cryx and Circle) he went after the cryx guy and I went after the circle guy. In a game breaking move he was able to use a warbeast as an arc node and take out the Cryx caster. Kaya ran a beast and spirit doored to take out Jeff’s legion caster. Which he did but in doing so left Kaya wide open to a charge from the Butcher. All in all I loved this game. Just bunches of fun. Winnings good too, my updated record for the league is 4 wins and 1 loss. Next week will be another 4-5 player free for all, and I will start working on Beast ’09.
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The Butcher

January 17, 2010

I completed my weekly painting goal. This week was The Butcher. There are still some more highlighting and shading things i would like to do, but i am waiting for my P3 painting DVD to come so I can learn how to do that kind of stuff.

Now for a question. How do you guys stay motivated to play? I have been playing for quite some time and have switched factions that I play quite a bit so I know that I have lengthened my learning curve by a lot. However I am starting to get pretty discouraged. Tonight, i got on Vassal, and a guy invited me to play a game with him. He was new to Warmachine, he said he had started playing around Christmas. Well I got my butt kicked bad, either game I didnt kill a single model and he wiped me out.

I don’t really know what to do anymore. I am just tired of losing. So anyone that feels they have a really good grasp on the game and is really good at teaching and has some free time, I would love to play against you. Help me figure out how to win. If you would like to play a vassal game with me my email is I am available most nights and MWF mornings until 12:00 PM.

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